Gifts for the Collections: Guidelines for Libraries, 2019 Extended Edition

by Jérôme Fronty, Elena Kolgushkina, Denise Koufogiannakis, Franziska Wein, Beacher Wiggins, Lynn Wiley

Publisher: IFLA Acquisition & Collection Development Section

Gifts represent an important component of the collection-building activities of libraries. These Guidelines focus exclusively on gifts and donations to library collections, whether proactively or passively acquired. It is advisable for the library to develop clear processes for handling and evaluating gift offers in accord with the library’s gift policies. This will provide clarity both to library staff and to donors, reduce exposure to risk and potential liabilities and ensure that future opportunities associated with items accepted into the library’s collections can be fully exploited.

Authors of initial guidelines are Kay Ann Cassell, Sharon Johnson, Judith Mansfield, and Sha Li Zhang. The guidelines were revised and extended in 2018-2019 by Dr. Franziska Weina and Elena Kolgushkina, and the Acquisition & Collection Development management team: Jérôme Fronty, Lilly Ho, Beacher Wiggins and Lynn Wiley.

An electronic version of 2019 extended edition is available here.


Last update: 6 March 2019