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Series: IFLA Professional Reports 77

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The "IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto: the school library in teaching and learning for all" was published in 2000. It has been extremely well received all over the world and translated into many languages. New translations continue to be made and librarians all over the world are using the manifesto to raise the profile of school libraries in their own schools, own regions and own countries.

The manifesto states:

"Governments, through their ministries responsible for education, are urged to develop strategies, policies and plans that implement the principles of this Manifesto."

These new guidelines have been produced to inform decision makers at national and local levels around the world, and to give support and guidance to the library community. They have been written to help school s to implement the principles expressed in the manifesto.

The drafting of the guidelines involved many people from many countries, with very different local situations, to try and satisfy the needs of all types of school. The guidelines will need to be read and used within a local context.

Workshops have been organised during IFLA conferences; meetings have taken place, and discussions held between library experts in person and using email. The resulting guidelines are the product of much debate and consultation, for which the editors are very indebted and grateful. They also acknowledge the contributions of members of the standing committee of the section of school libraries and resource centres, and the guidelines from many countries that have informed the IFLA/UNESCO guidelines, especially The Public Library Guidelines published by IFLA in 2001.

The section has also published The School Library Today and Tomorrow, during 2002. We hope that the manifesto, visions and guidelines together will form a foundation for excellent school libraries everywhere.

Tove Pemmer Sætre with Glenys Willars

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