Libraries for the Blind in the Information Age - Guidelines for development

by Edited by Rosemary Kavanagh & Beatrice Christensen Sköld

Series: IFLA Professional Reports 86
Publisher: IFLA

Libraries for the Blind in the Information Age: Guidelines for Development
Edited by Rosemary Kavanagh and Beatrice Christensen Sköld
ISBN-13 978 - 90-77897-01-1

Visually impaired people have the same information needs as sighted people. Just as sighted people might read a newspaper, listen to a CD or download electronic information from the Internet, visually impaired people also want access to relevant information in their chosen accessible format.

Developing an efficient library service for print-disabled people is extremely important, because there are significantly fewer books available commercially in accessible formats compared to what is published in print for the general public. The need to build collections in alternative formats and make them available for readers who are unable to browse shelves makes it necessary to develop special services.

These guidelines were developed with input from many people from all over the world, including those who use libraries for the blind, work in them, or have a professional interest in the success of these libraries. The Standing Committee of the IFLA Libraries for the Blind Section wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who contributed.

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Guidelines, Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities

Last update: 16 September 2014