Imageline Scope and Feasibility Report

by Branka Kosovac

Series: IFLA Professional Reports 81

This document reports the results and findings of a study that assessed the feasibility of Imageline—an international Web gateway to be collaboratively developed by the members of the IFLA Section of Art Libraries. The purpose of the envisioned gateway is to provide quick and efficient access to sources of art images, selected based on quality and relevance to the primary audience, and to prevent the duplication of efforts by the IFLA Section of Art Libraries members towards satisfying this need.

The summary provides a quick overview of facts, options, and recommendations. The main body of the report details the process, reas oning, and criteria used to select between the options. The discussion follows a methodology designed for potential reuse in other domains.
The background information used to support the recommendations is provided in the appendices.

Imageline Scope and Feasibility Report
By Branka Kosovac on behalf of IFLA's Art Libraries Section
ISBN 13 978 -90-70916-96-7

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