Guidelines on Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning

by Jesús Lau

Final Draft

These guidelines have been compiled by the Information Literacy Section (InfoLit) of IFLA with the aim of providing a pragmatic framework for those professionals who need or are interested in starting an information literacy program.

The guidelines will aid information professionals engaged in educational programs, i.e., basic and higher education, in their efforts to meet their current information needs. However, most of the concepts, principles and procedures can be applied with minimal adaptation to any library setting. Information professionals working in all types of libraries should have as one of their main institutional goals the facilitation of users’ efforts to acquire information competencies.

Information skills are vital to the success of lifelong learning, employment, and daily interpersonal communication of any citizen, such as when a person needs information about health services for someone in his/her care, or a student requires specific information to complete an assessment.

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Guidelines, Information Literacy, Lifelong learning

Last update: 17 July 2015