15 June 2015

Targeting your UN post-2015 National Development Plans – action is needed now!


Call to action

Call to action

IFLA has drafted a document helping everyone understand the importance of national development plans, the role libraries can play in them and how important it is to act and engage with them.

Download: Libraries and national development plans [PDF]

It also provides you with some strong examples that show the positive effects of libraries engaging with politicians to raise the voice of access to information.

Nations have already started drafting their national plans to implement the post-2015 development agenda and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in their countries.

Now is the time for you to approach your ministries and set up meetings with those responsible for drafting your countries' national development plan. The IFLA Toolkit: Libraries and the UN post-2015 development agenda gives guidance on how to set up and prepare for these meetings. We would like to stress once again that in order for libraries and access to information to be prominent in these plans, you must take action now.

Failing to engage with the process on national levels could lead to valuable information infrastructures such as libraries being overlooked by policymakers.

Feed back to us

IFLA would like to ask you to please feed back to us (Julia.brungs@ifla.org) on any meetings you took with your ministry and the results of these.

This will give us an overview on which countries are in support of our work at the UN level and it will also give us an idea on where more policy support is needed.

For more on the IFLA's role in the broader context of the UN Development Agenda, see our recent overview of activities.

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