WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market


16 – 18 September 2020



IFLA will be represented by Camille Francoise, Policy and Research Officer, and Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy and Advocacy


In order to fulfil their mission to provide access to information, libraries increasingly focus on acquiring, or buying licences, to digital content.

As such, our institutions have a strong interest in ensuring that markets for digital content - and the rules that govern them - function in a way that works for libraries and their users, while also ensuring that creators themselves can earn a fair revenue for their work.

The 2nd World Intellectual Property Organization Conference on the Global Digital Content Market, taking place on 16-18 September, will be webcast, from 1pm to 3:30pm Geneva time each day.

Join to learn more about latest developments and issues, and take share your views via social media with the hashtag: @digicontent2020. 

Conference, CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Copyright, Library collections

Last update: 18 September 2020