IFLA 2019 Athens - Call for Papers: SIG Library History and partners

IFLA SIG Library History with IFLA Section on Genealogy and Local History (Genloc)


24 – 30 August 2019


Athens, Greece


The IFLA SIG Library History decided to partner with a Section for IFLA 2019 in Athens and the Section on Genealogy and Local History (Genloc) agreed.  As you can see from the Call for Papers, the topics on offer are quite varied and there are a couple which lean towards the library history mark:  "history as told by and to librarians" and "library and cultural institutions as part of a community's history". We seek your abstracts for consideration if you feel that you have a paper to offer.  Indeed some of you might also feel that you can cover the library history component using one of the other themes on offer.
We look forward to seeing some contributions from library history colleagues from around the world.  N.B. The deadline for abstracts submissions is March 31, 2019.

Congress, Library History, Access to knowledge, Archives, Library history, Greece, Library History, History of Librarianship, Genealogy, Local History, Genealogy and Local History

Last update: 6 March 2019