Copyright and libraries: why it is important to stay informed, 2nd session in Spanish


2014 Webinar Series for Latin America and the Caribbean


5 November 2014




Participate in an online series of five sessions (in Portuguese and in Spanish) lead by copyright experts presenting an overview of the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, recent developments and current issues. In addition, we will learn why it is important for librarians to stay informed about these relevant library issues.

Session coordinator: Sueli Mara S. P. Ferreira – IFLA LAC; USP
Spanish moderators: María Juliana Soto and Diego Caballero – Prensa Fundación Karisma and David Ramírez - Fundación Conector, Colombia
Portuguese moderator: José Eduardo Santarem Segundo – Universidad de São Paulo, Brasil

Speaker: Claudio Ruiz

Topic: Update about copyright matters in Latin America, the latest trends and issues. Importance of why libraries and information centers must be current on these issues

Language: Spanish

About the speaker: Executive Director of ONG Digital Rights. Directs projects related to defense and promotion of fundamental rights in the online environment, particularly freedom of expression, copyright and access to knowledge. He has collaborated with IFLA in several international initiatives. Professor, Intellectual Property.

Time: 2 PM (Brasilia, UTC/GMT -2)

ACCESS: Everyone can access the webinar online

Duration: 1 hour, we will dedicate 20 minutes, after the presentations, for questions and answers.

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