Joint IFLA CLM & EBLIDA Satellite Meeting

Copyright and beyond: Libraries in the public sphere


13 – 14 August 2014


Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire (BNU), Strasbourg, France

IFLA will be represented by Ellen Broad, IFLA Manager of Digital Projects


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Libraries are engaged with copyright laws and policies and are grappling with the move from public law to the private law of contract and the consequences of trade agreements. The satellite meeting will focus on better understanding the effect of changes in the copyright environment on society and access to knowledge.

Speakers will address the public sphere and how it is defended in public policy formulation, in the courts, and in international advocacy efforts. There will be reports on IFLA's work at WIPO on the Treaty on Exceptions and Limitations for libraries and archives and the outcomes of the European Copyright review with reports on EBLIDA's work. There will be a mix of seminar style presentations and workshop discussions throughout the two days.


  • Information trends: copyright law in the globalised information economy;
  • Libraries, copyright and licensing;
  • Regional and international copyright developments: trade agreements, treaties and beyond.

IFLA will be represented by Ellen Broad, IFLA Manager of Digital Projects

Preconference, CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Copyright, France, Licensing

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