18 December 2013

International discussions on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives re-commence today

Today, on the third day of negotiations at the 26th meeting of the Standing Committee on Copyright & Related Rights (SCCR) at WIPO headquarters in Geneva, discussions regarding copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives are getting underway.

A number of countries including Brazil, Tunisia, Iran, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago and India have already taken the floor to express their support for a legally-binding international instrument in favour of libraries and archives.

Libraries and archives around the world are strongly represented, with IFLA joined by EIFL, the International Council of Archives, the Canadian Library Association, the German Library Association, the Society of American Archivists and the Karisma Foundation (Colombia). These organisations have united to produce a short introduction to their advocacy work at WIPO, and why it’s important. It is called "Copyright Is For Everyone".

Copyright Is For Everyone

We encourage you to download this introduction and share it with your colleagues:
English, Español, français

Right now, library and archive delegations at WIPO are taking the floor to provide their views on the need to preserve the essential functions of libraries and archives around the world, enabled by copyright laws.

We will keep you updated throughout the week.

Find out how you can follow the meetings here.

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