ENSULIB Workshop at WLIC 2013

Future Libraries Going Green


19 August 2013


Singapore, Central Public Library, 100, Victoria Street, Room B1-01 (basement)


This 11:30-13:00 Off-site Workshop (a few minutes walk from the main Conference site at Suntec) of the "Environmental Sustainability and Libraries" Special Interest Group is nº 103 of the Conference Programme.

The Workshop, part of ENSULIB's "Green Library Day" is open to all IFLA participants who wish to play an active role (even if only for the duration of the Workshop) volunteering in the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group.  

Besides the keynote presentation of the book “The Green Library - Die Grüne Bibliothek”  the “Checklist for Greening Libraries”, part of the book, will also be presented and discussed.

The interactive format will provide opportunities for micro-presentations and small group discussion in parallel on different topics, sharing conclusions to the main group.  Among other topics, variations in meaning of "going green" in different environments could be examined. Some onclusions of the Workshop will also be discussed at the ENSULIB Business Meeting on Tuesday the 20th.


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