16 April 2013

From Wunderkammer to e-Resource: Promoting Art Information Across Borders in the 21st Century, Berlin, June 13-14 2013


It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Evelin Morgenstern, Acting Director of the Initiative Fortbildung für wissenschaftliche Spezialbibliotheken und verwandte Einrichtungen e.V., to develop the agenda for this colloquium, which addresses issues that increasingly have no geographic or linguistic boundaries. The internet has made communication infinitely easier, but at the same time, technology and social networking – along with the patron demands that come with them – are outpacing the capacity of traditional library systems and budgets to support them. Above all, the pace of change in scholarly communication and research over the past few years has accentuated the need for deep collaboration in order to move forward in a sustainable way.

The speakers at this colloquium are esteemed colleagues and leaders in forging new relationships that will be required to build innovative  solutions to today’s challenges. Joint digital initiatives, shared system platforms, new models of outreach, and crowdsourcing are some of the topics of critical interest to librarians that will  be addressed over these two days. The intention of this colloquium is for participants to not only gain new insight and creative guidance for working collaboratively, but to participate in conversations that will serve as catalysts for collaborative projects between American and German art and museum libraries.

For complete details, see the Conference programme.

Deborah Kempe
Chief, Collections Management and Access, Frick Art Reference Library, New York 

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