26 January 2016

Call for Papers: "The Sea So Great, Our Boats So Small: The IFLA Risk Register and Art Documentation at Risk"

By Sandra L. Brooke

The IFLA Art Libraries Section invite proposals for the Open Session entitled: "The Sea so Great, Our Boats so Small: The IFLA Risk Register and Art Documentation at Risk".

All libraries face the possibility of sudden and irreparable loss from a natural or man-made disaster. At such moments, rapid assistance from external partners can make all the difference. To facilitate expedited response to library disasters, IFLA recently established the IFLA Risk Register. Similar to the ICOM and ICOMOS registers for museums and monuments, the IFLA Risk Register gathers information about unique and irreplaceable documentary heritage from institutions and individuals and holds this information in confidence until a trigger event. When disaster strikes, IFLA provides critical guidance to Blue Shield partners and UNESCO in order to guarantee a swift and targeted response.

See the full Call for Papers on the IFLA WLIC 2016 website.

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