1 March 2012

Slovak translation of the revised IFLA Public Library Services Guidelines now available

On behalf of IFLA, the Public Libraries Section chair Suzanne Payette warmly congratulates Silvia Stasselova and colleagues from the Slovak Librarians Association for recently completing the Slovak translation of the revised IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines.  This  translation was undertaken with the full support of the Slovak Ministry of Culture. The Ministry has previously demonstrated its commitment by supporting the translations of other significant IFLA documents and the IFLA community truely values this continued commitment. 

Suzanne advised this was a very challenging piece of work and it contributes significantly to a number of IFLA's strategies. This initiative will promote readership and application of the Guidelines for Public Libraries and build the strategic capacity of IFLA and that of its members.

This translation will enable senior library staff to increase awareness among their decision makers of the key role libraries play in advancing the information and knowledge society. These Guidelines will also provide a benchmark for emerging library services in particular to frame the development of their services to their communities and are a helpful tool for planning, refreshing or updating library services.

The translation will be highly valued not only to our colleagues in Slovakia but also by library staff in the neighbouring Czech Republic until their Czech translation is available.

View the guidelines

We are very proud of this work and the contribution our colleagues have selflessly made to our profession.

I am very proud to commend this work to you.

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