1 February 2013

Section's Mid-meeting and Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan

Mid-meeting and Symposium on Regional Cooperation and Information Literacy - 25-27th February 2013

RSCAO will have its mid-term-meeting in Taipei and conduct a Symposium on Regional Cooperation – Information Literacy during February 25-27th 2013.  In addition to the regular agenda of RSCAO meetings, Fiona Bradley, Director of BSLA Project of IFLA will share ideas and update BSLA progress with SC Members. 

Bashu Dev Dhungana, President of Nepal Community Library Association (NCLA) also takes part in the event to report the development of BSLA project in Nepal.  It will be a great reunion because SC Members Michael Robinson and Chihfeng P. Lin were involved in BSLA Program and completed a three-workshop project with NCLA in Nepal during 2011-2012. 

The Symposium invites SC Members Dan Dorner, Takashi Nagatsuka, Shawky Salem, Diljit Singh, and local scholars, Drs. Mei-Mei Wu and Chihfeng P. Lin (SC Member and Secretary and chief-organizer of the mid-term-meeting) to present their viewpoints of regional cooperation on topic of Information Literacy. Participants will also have a cultural activity to visit local libraries and world known National Palace Museum after meetings.

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