Making Copyright Work for Libraries and Consumers

Index or Footnote? How to ensure that libraries power the information society


30 May 2012


European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium


The programme for this day will be divided into two separate events.

Index or Footnote? How to ensure that libraries power the information society

The first event in the morning will focus on the roles of libraries and archives in providing access to cultural works. The event aims at highlighting the many legal challenges that libraries, archives and other cultural heritage institutions face in the digital world in the field of information law and how they impact of innovation, competition, and productivity. A panel of European and international experts will explain the challenges libraries and archives face and focus on the need for copyright exceptions in the areas of preservation; contracts; liability; reproduction; lending; cross-border supply of works; and orphan works.

In addition, there will be a discussion on the proposed international instrument on copyright limitation and exceptions as tabled at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by IFLA which aims to support libraries in their activities. While developing countries, especially in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, support an international binding instrument, the European Union, led by the European Commission, argues in favour of a non-binding solution. Following a presentation of the issues by experts from libraries and international law, a panel of MEPs, Commission representatives and other experts will debate the role of the European Union in the field of copyright at the international level.

I Want it Now! Creators addressing consumers' needs in the digital age

The second event will look at certain copyright uses from the perspectives of users. The aim of the event is to present a set of simple, practical and readily-available solutions to make the European copyright regime more consumer-friendly, in particular with regards uses of copyrighted works which are generally tolerated but not legal in all the member States (e.g. format shifting of videos, fan fiction and YouTube mash-ups).

Event Announcement [PDF]

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