About the Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section

The Section's primary objective is to extend and improve document delivery and resource sharing both nationally and internationally through the use of new technologies and increased cooperation among libraries and document suppliers.

The Section monitors developments and provides information to its membership through its website, social media outlets, programs at IFLA conferences, support of document delivery workshops, and cooperative projects with international organizations.


Do you have a question about DDRS? Send your question to the appropriate DDRS Committee Member, who will either reply directly or refer your question to an appropriate person for response.

Resource Sharing during COVID-19 (RSCVD)

Request materials from volunteering libraries (only for interlibrary loan professionals working in not-for-profit libraries): https://rscvd.org/

Mailing Lists

(Note: Both mailing lists below are closed, moderated lists open only to subscribers)


The DDRS Standing Committee’s mailing list:


IFLA DDRS general mailing list:

  • For librarians, information professionals, and document suppliers to discuss issues pertaining to delivering information to users via document delivery and interlibrary loan as well as the broader issues involved in resource sharing. 

  • A vehicle for the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Standing Committee to communicate matters relating to the Committee's work to the broader document delivery and/ resource sharing community.

  • Messages intended for distribution to the list should be sent to: docdel-l@iflalists.org

  • Subscribe: http://mail.iflalists.org/wws/info/docdel-l

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Document Delivery and Resource Sharing

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