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Assess Progress on Preservation and Access to Documentary Heritage

IFLA has created this checklist to help with the challenges of implementing the 2015 UNESCO Recommendation. This Checklist will help you self-assess the different policies and practices of national governments and institutions and identify where more support is needed.

19 Mars 2020 | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Advocacy, Best practices, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digitisation, Policy, Preservation

Memory Institutions from Arab Region Trained on Collection Management and Documentation Techniques

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Qatar National Library, as the IFLA Regional Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center for Arab countries and the Middle East, jointly organized a four-day capacity building course to support documentary heritage institutions in the Arab region.

11 Mars 2020 | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digital humanities, Digitisation, Library collections, Lifelong learning, Meetings, Preservation, Jordan

IFLA Represented at the UNESCO International Consultation on the Safeguarding, Accessibility and Promotion of Ancient Manuscripts from the Sahel

Mr. Norbert Tangmo, director of the IFLA Regional PAC Centre in Cameroon represented IFLA at this sub-regional meeting. He highlighted the IFLA PAC Programme, and spoke to the activities that his centre intends to carry out for preservation and conservation in French-speaking Africa.

10 Mars 2020 | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digitisation, Meetings, Networking, Preservation, Rare books and manuscripts, Mali

Qatar National Library Presents Conservation Training Course in the Levant Region

Experts from libraries, cultural institutions and museums from across the Levant participated in a four-day training program on “Practical Methods for the Scientific Examination of Library Objects".

27 Février 2020 | Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digitisation, Education and training, Meetings, Preservation

IFLA PAC Centres in Qatar and Russia Continue Cooperation in the Field of Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Conservation specialists participate at the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference “Rare Books in the Context of Preservation”  in Moscow. In October 2019, the IFLA Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center in Russia hosted a visitor from the IFLA PAC Centre in Qatar to facilitate exchange of expertise and cooperation between specialists from the two centres.

21 Janvier 2020 | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Conservation, Cultural heritage, Education and training, Networking, Preservation, Russian Federation

Recording, Researching, Reviving: how the State Library of Queensland is Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

As the International Year of Indigenous Languages comes to an end, we are happy to share a further example of libraries acting to protect and promote these languages and the communities that speak them. We are grateful to the State Library of Queensland for this contribution.

16 Décembre 2019 | Indigenous Matters, Australia, IYIL 2019, indigenous languages

Supporting Documentary Heritage Preservation in the Arab Region

Group photo of all delegates in the Qatar National Library UNESCO, in partnership with the Qatar National Library (QNL), host of one of IFLA's PAC Centres, organised a regional conference on “Supporting documentary heritage preservation in the Arab region” in Doha, Qatar on 1-2 December.

4 Décembre 2019 | Preservation and Conservation, Advocacy, Capacity building, Conferences, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digital preservation, Policy, Preservation, Qatar

Reflecting Diversity and Building Understanding in Chocó, Colombia

As part of our series of examples of how libraries protect, preserve and promote indigenous languages in the context of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, this contribution from Alejandra Velez, University of Chocó, talks about her library’s work in this area.

9 Août 2019 | Indigenous Matters, Indigenous peoples, Colombia, International Year of Indigenous Languages, IYIL 2019

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